$40.00 USD $70.00 USD

These recall options are only for Start9 customers who previous purchased an Upgrade Kit and posses a Crucial SSD in a silver drive enclosure.


Option 1: Even though most users have not experienced and are unlikely to experience any issues with their Upgrade Kit, we are offering to replace these components for all customers - free of charge, including shipping. We will send you a new and improved SSD enclosure as well as a 3.5 amp power supply.


Option 2: You may wish to upgrade your Embassy One to the latest all-in-one Naspi case, which discards the SSD enclosure altogether and has its own, internal power supply. It also comes with a reliable, Noctua fan. These new cases and fans are fantastic, but they are not cheap. Our cost for them is $70. As such, we cannot provide them for free, but we are willing to sell them at cost, minus what Option 1 would have cost us. The cost to you would be $40 with free shipping.