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Upgrade kit ships separately once 0.3.0 is complete.


Embassy is a radical, uncompromising, plug-and-play private server, offering one-click installation and simple configuration of a growing list of powerful, self-hosted, open-source services such as Bitcoin, Lightning, Matrix, File Browser, Bitwarden, Mastodon, BTCPay and more.

Embassy comes preinstalled with EmbassyOS.

In The Box

  1. Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB)
  2. 128GB SanDisk microSD, preinstalled with EmbassyOS
  3. GPIO mini speaker/buzzer for audio feedback
  4. Power supply (US, UK, EU, AU)

0.3.0 Upgrade Kit (optional add-on)

EmbassyOS 0.3.0 (coming soon) will require an external SSD, as well as other items in the 0.3.0 Upgrade Kit. We are selling upgrade kits at cost. The upgrade kit ships separately once 0.3.0 is complete. If you already have the Upgrade Kit materials or would like to purchase them on your own, select "without 0.3.0 Upgrade Kit" from the "Upgrade Kit" options above.

Building Your Own

Embassy implements off-the-shelf, commodity hardware, making it easy for you to build your own. Check out our simple DIY guide.

There are five reasons you might prefer to build your own Embassy instead of purchasing one from Start9.

  1. You already own the necessary hardware and would like to re-purpose it.
  2. You live outside the US and want to save on shipping / customs costs.
  3. You do not trust Start9's supply chain.
  4. You do not want to share your shipping address.
  5. You just like building things.